The Realm of Sound

In Fantasy literature we often see writers picturing Archetypes or a supernatural language that reflect the day dream of the writers inner vision on to the reader.

When you have great dreams sleeping or awake, or when you contemplate on the essence of life itself, the great Realm of the dreamworld will embrace you. And maybe the longing for – a mystic princess, fair Lady or sparkling Queen, a noble Knight, honest prince or a just King – a secret wedding with your true love, maybe in some divine inner sphere – will make you go on an everlasting treasure hunt into the sunset of darkness or into the light of a new dawn. And if you listen and look carefully for Signs while living from the six senses, you will find the grace of the explorer within your soul.

And this language is indeed from a Realm of mighty Sounds and Music … There would be no music without the Muse, no fairy tales without beasts and fairies … and no shiny armor without epic battles and love stories to tell …

Enjoy Living by the six Senses