Studio info was established in 2006 with the Record Label EJY-Norway as part of the company.
The basic music sound of the Epic Circle Label is: Spiritual, Medieval, Native, Alternative, Post Rock, Electronica, Trance, Techno and Jazz. is primarely doing music and Soundscaping for Video Games, Movies and Movie and Book Trailors, and Jingles for Radioshows and Advertising. Song writing and album production is only offered featured local musicians, friends and music partners, as well as Peter Grün aka Peter Grün McCarthy aka Clan McCarthy aka Epic Circles own songs and compositions.

Awailable instruments: Violin, Viola, Irish flute, Mayan flute, Naeverlur (horn), Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bells, Bowls and several african and native Drums and percussion instruments.

The rest of the composing and song writing is based on samplers and synth’s.

The Studio is build around the Cubase 8 pro sequenser from Steinberg.
Our VST are many – including but not limited to: Komplete 10, Spectrasonic, Bela D Media, MoTu, Roland a.s.o.

The hardware brands I use are:
Native-Instruments, Novation, M-Audio, Line6, Roland, Gibson, MXL and Phonic.