About the Founder

Peter started playing the violin very early in life and at 14 years old he preformed in a symphony orchestra in Denmark and played a lot of Danish and Irish folk music in the following years. In Copenhagen in ’86 he took his Science degree in Electronics and had a long period as a high-school teacher. 11_13_3_thumbIn ’94 he started with experimental voice-work and sound-making, he started playing Samplers and Synths and created Epic sounds while working as a product and audio-engineer at Oticon Inc. in Oslo Norway.

peterIn 2006 he made his first album together with Astrid Elisabeth Pedersen and Erlend Falck. He was also the synth player and vocalist in the former renaissance duo Enhalo with several stage performances, and in 2010 he made an album for the paint artist Bjørg and a Fairytale re-mix with Sonora. Today, besides working as a College professor, he is the technical wizard and writer for the popular free online magazine The Magic Happens, he composes and plays Electronic-, Alternative- and Post-Rock related songs in his spare time. He also makes sound scapes, electronic music and jingles for video games, movies, movie and book trailors and radio.